Health gamification app


Ignilife is a health&wellness coaching application with a truly engaging and social experience. It’s about people that move forward in health quests to gain virtual cash to unlock more quest, get new skin and badges. During 2 years, I designed this application using G.A.M.E. framework.

The G.A.M.E. framework 🎲

G.A.M.E. is a method to conceive highly effective gamification program. We often find video games or app with incoherent gamification system, so G.A.M.E. allows to choose the right mecanic to create an experience that make sens for final users.

  1. G for Goal: Define a purpose
  2. A for Actions: Choose a playfull experience
  3. M for Merit: Create a rewards system
  4. E for Evaluation: Manage the performance of the system

Step 1 : Define a purpose 🎯

The Goals mecanics allows to define players purposes and objective to achieve. It’s about define the goal game and what the user should do to win. In fact, when you set up appropriate objective, you support the achievement.

Step 2 : Choose a playfull experience 🕹️

The Actions mecanics are used to build a playfull experience in the gamification system. It’s about define game actions : achieve missions, build a team, beat another player etc… This step is essential because the game thematic depend of the company capacity to answer to it specific question : formation, communication and collaboration.

Step 3 : Create a rewards system 💰

The Merit mecanics allows to promote the players merit to reward them when they achieve a goal. GIve a reward to a player encouraged them to invest in the game. For the company, this step is essential because it identify the player motivation : A minute or few months?

Step 4 : Manage the performance 📈

The gamification system is based on the balance beetween satisfaction and users needs. On each building steps, the manager must ask two questions that will impact the ROI (return of investment). To challenge it, the manager have to check some evalutation tool at each end of game.

  1. Is the experience really adapt for the players fulfillement?
  2. Is the experience allows to achieve the business objectives?

Step 5 : Design System 🎨

Created a design system based on atomic design.

Brand and components


Structure and grid

Step 6 : Visual Design 📱

Created mockups for the mobile application and for the desktop.