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For the past 20 years Apave has been working to develop its services like aeronautics and space, civil engineering, energy, industry, transport, public institutions, nuclear and oil and gaz. During 6 month, I was in charge of the UI redesign of the intranet.

Step 1 : Zoning & Wireframe 🖼️

We made UX workshops (crazy eights, service blueprint etc...) with the team (marketing, product and IT) and generated ideas to solve problems. We also created wireframes to quickly deliver a cohesive and well-designed experience.

Onboarding and dashboard

Messaging and map

News and create articles

Step 2 : Guidelines 🎨

Created guidelines based on the Apave brand identity

Step 3 : Visual design 🖥️

Created visual mockups for the desktop and mobile version.

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