Theatrical mobile app


The Boxoffice Company is the Webedia’s unit that brings together our cinema-related activities. It is also the world’s leading provider of media, technology and data services to the film industry. They run a global network of local leading websites, social media pages and communities of movies and series fans, mainly in Europe (AlloCiné, Filmstart, Sensacine) and Latin America (Adoro Cinema). During 2 years, I managed an UX/UI team, defined an UX vision with and for users, and implemented good practices (automatisation, design system, relationship between developers / designers and product manager) for the IOS and Android app.

Team Process 🌊

We built a process to show every steps in a project from the beggining to infinity and beyond. That method allowed to frame teams and be align to the same purpose.

Understand the users need 🤔

First of all we had to know our users : who are they, what they need, there relation with the product, pain points, gain points, frustration etc...

What we've done:

  1. Made quantitative analysis with Google Analytics for segmented our users.
  2. Made qualitative analysis by organised users interviews : hiring users, organized remote sessions, built a quiz game and then made it happened.
  3. Reported all of the data in a doc and built persona.

Quiz game.

Reporting and stats.


Design System 🎨

There were no Design System when I start working for Allociné. So, I created one based on Atomic Design, IOS and Material guidelines.

Streaming page use case 📺

During 2 years, we wanted to improve our capacity to share streaming informations to our users like what movie is available on which plateform? What TV Show will you whatch tonight?

What we've done:

  1. Defined the scope of the project, the business objectives, pain points and problems (Brief, Data analysis, Benchmark).
  2. Found ideas or concepts to answer the problem (Path purposes, Benchmark, Wireframe, User flow).
  3. Made user interviews to test the intentions.
  4. Collected feedback and reworked.
  5. Prioritized, estimated and planed features, defined a MVP and wich team will work on wich feature.
  6. Delivered UI screens, components, prototype, animations and assets
  7. Identified improvements and backed to step 1.

User tests reporting.

"Le Moteur à idées" Logotype.

Streaming area user flow.

"Le Moteur à idées" user flow.

Streaming area user path mockups.

"Le Moteur à idées" user path mockups.

Stores 🛒

We had to look after or IOS and Android Stores, optimized and boost them.

What we've done:

  1. Created visuals that present the app in every sizes and update them often.
  2. Worked on editorial and UX writing content to improve the SEO.

Advertising 🍿

Sometimes we collaborated with movies studios to put forward some movies on the app.

Visual themes.

A little game organized for the release of Sing 2.